Company Structure

Sales Department


Our sales Department is a customer-oriented, customer-focused vanguard of JAS, composed of a group of enthusiastic, professional sales, marketing, and shipping personnel who handle the selling, marketing, and customer service.

Department features

Professional sales divisions: This divisions to be responsible for individual teams that carry out root down market and food trend understanding.
Join international exhibitions every year for market exploration. Be each client’s consultant: whether a client has mechanical or recipe questions, JAS will respond in time for their satisfaction.
Advanced internet marketing team: The internet marketing team is responsible for maintaining JAS websites and internet marketing strategy executions to always keep JAS in the front line of new information.

Future visions

To provide clients with ever improving service. Continuously research and bond with market trends, and actively explore emerging markets. Optimize JAS website information so that each client can find accurate information he or she needs.

Management department

Department Responsibility

Recruit and retain the most suitable personnel Train staff on expertise and leadership.
Maintain and operate IT systems.
Provide JAS staff with a positive, healthy, and efficient working environment.

Department features

Diverse work challenges and rewards staff with a sense of accomplishment.
Be a strategic partner in enterprise development and provide value-added services for the company by improving organizational and individual capabilities.

Future visions

Provide JAS staff with the best service and become their trustworthy partner. Dedicate to create a happy working environment for JAS staff to unleash their creativity and full potential. Sound internal service is the foundation for JAS to provide clients with service satisfaction and perfection.

Research and development department

Department responsibility

Develop new machines in response to new market demands. Research different food specialties to expand the database for future machine and recipe development.
Develop and design customized machines per client requirements. Upgrade machine functions and mechanisms.

Department features

Professional team applies advanced hardware and software to develop precise designs.
The PDM management system is applied to track designs and issues of different machine models and versions for best know-how management.
With assistance of 3D rapid prototype printing technology, results according to user requirements will be quickly rendered and presented for customer satisfaction.
An active atmosphere and comfortable work environment will unleash R&D personnel’s maximum creativity potential.Future visions
To become the pioneer for global ethnic food machines, research, and development
.To become a comprehensive R&D team from recipes and production processes to machinery.

Engineering department


Arrange machine production schedules and carefully control production quality.
Assist in machine customization and development as well as other related matters.
Effectively control machine production costs.
Take responsibility for warehouse affairs, safety, and the parts stock control.
Thoroughly carry out quality control work for the goods flow.

Department features

Site flow process and production line planning all follow 5S site management method specifications.
Production flows are based on ISO guidelines with clear record tracks.
Implementation of creative management to effectively put colleagues’ imaginations and creativity into practice so that product quality continues across the bottleneck.
Implementation of education outreach so that new employees can learn relevant technical knowledge effectively to avoid technical faults.
Production units are divided by machine similarity specialties into different groups to effectively make the production and maintenance service more professional and specialized.
Implementation of abnormal product quality correction system, so that clients get immediate response and service.
Department units from production management, procurement, and quality assurance to warehouse and production are integrated into the flow line to achieve the ultimate production efficiency.
As well as making batch productions, the production line is also capable of making customized machines in order to provide full servicing.
All engineers are required to pass an annual professional review to ensure that the best quality service is provided to clients.

Headquarters Introduction

JAS enterprise has always been committed to environmental protection, energy saving and carbon reduction. The green building concept has been applied to the construction of the new company building. JAS’s new plant construction is planned and designed based on the green building concept. The building materials and landscape designs are green and environmentally friendly to carbon reduction targets. The office areas and the factory’s interior spaces are decorated with landscapes and images of trees and flowers to give JAS staff an impression of working in a green, safe, and comfortable environment.
The building materials are not only environmentally friendly, but also embody an aesthetically and artistically humanistic atmosphere. Black and gray tiles scattered on the exterior wall resembles a natural flambé glaze style which symbolizes the fresh and humble JAS enterprise image. Architectural concrete is the other major theme of our building exterior which gives a fresh impression of minimal simplicity.

Sales Service

Fast customer response: All inquiries are replied in detail within 72 hours after being received by JAS.Professional sales engineers: Every engineer understands the operation and maintenance of the machines, as well as the food production processes and formulations. If a customer has a problem, an JAS’s sales engineer will discuss the characteristics of the mechanics and products with customers to come up with the best solution.
Standardized pilot testing services: Before delivery, JAS engineers inspect and test the machines in accordance with customer demand. Fine-tuning is done to make sure the product meets customer requirements better.
Wood crate packaging: Meeting with international standards, the packaging will well protect the machine from damage during transit.
Detailed machine operation manual: JAS will enclose the detailed machine operation manual with each machine to let clients understand the operation steps and notifications.
Diversified ways of customer training: Machine commissioning can be processed either on the client’s site or taught at our experience centre. The commissioning process can also be filmed for customers’ easy access to be familiar with machine operating.

Process Flow

Production process :

Receive complete “order confirmation” from sales department, production management division will turn it into “production order” and establish process control time table, and then execute by production division and quality assurance division. The production schedule is carefully monitored section by section.Assembly and quality check process follows “quality control inspection regulation” to ensure operations and production quality.
To shorten customer waiting time for delivery, production management division will set up annual advanced batch production plans to effectively control machine and parts stock safety, so that delivery schedules can be reduced to a minimum.

Identification and traceability of parts and machine information :

The parts and semi-finished products produced by the production process follow “5S” guidelines to be aligned in their pre-designated positions clearly marked product name, specification, part number, order number and current status, in order to eliminate the possibility of parts missing or being taken by error.
The production inspection process is followed with a “machine inspection form” that is to be checked item by item and signed by the same engineer who does the check, so that when performing after-sales servicing, the machine’s past records can be easily traced.
All machine parts are filed by ERP, PDM, and other management systems. The detailed parts list and parts version are clearly recorded for the best sales service efficiency.

Site facilities related regulations :

Maintenance of machinery and equipment used in the production process follow “facility and environment maintenance guidelines” to prevent production process and after-sales service from being influenced by machinery fault.To avoid machine damage from transportation, JAS’s export worthy wood crate is with inner supporting girders and nailed by staggering technique to increase its loading strength.

Food Equipment Trouble Shooting

We would try to help our clients to solve any machine problems though phone calls, emails or videos. Due to the straightforward nature of our food making machines, issues can normally be easily solved over the telephone. Most of the time, there are only small difficulties that need to be handled since we have a reputation for making long lasting food machines.
All JAS engineers and our global partners have been serving clients for over 25 years, if you are looking for a reliable food making machine, look no further than JAS.