Murukku making machine
Murukku making machine hydraulic murukku making machine

Murukku making machine

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Semi Automatic murukku making machine

Jas Brand Murukku Making Machine is an alluring chattel aimed to extrude your search for a quality net of its type. Blessed with sturdy and durable make, these Murukku Making Machine have been made using a high quality raw materials.

Made available in two types of murkku making machine 1st is economic type extruder for small to medium scale industries and 2nd is Murukku Making machine has hydraulic system, manual operations & automatic limit switch system, round the running capacity, works without any noise, is easy to maintain & has an attractive finishing.

Feature of murukku making machine
• Rotational head & base foundation
• Custom-designed models are also available
• Operational excellence
• Robust construction
• Stainless steel construction
• Easy to install and operate
• Cost-effectiveness

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Customer Questions & Answers

Q.1 Is the murukku making machine durable & hygienic?

A.1. Yes, These all murukku making machine are durable because designed for commercial and industrial use and hygienic because all contacting parts are stainless steel 304 & brass except standard part like electric motor, bearings etc.

Q.2 which another products can produce with economic and hydraulic?
A.2. With Jas brand economic murukku making machine you can produce Indian namkeen etc... as far as hydraulic murukku making machine you can produce soya chips, soya sticks, agra sev, etc. but you have to purchase extra dies for other products

Q.3 Can we adjust thickness of murukku?
A.3 No, you can not adjust thickness of murukku or any other product because every thickness need to change die, you are requested to specify the thickness of your finel product accordingly jas will supply die to you.

Q.4 Is this murukku making machine easy to use?

A.4 Yes this murukku making machine are easy to use and jas enterprise also provide training facility & operator also at extra cost just only for Jas enterprise's murukku making machine. But Jas enterprise can not provide any recipe for same.

Q.5 What about after sales services?

A.5 We’ll send the experts from our company to install the equipments and help client to start up, training personal at extra cost.

Q.6 What about Transportation method of the production line and freight?

A.6 We can arrange air/land/sea transportation, the freight payment according to the sales contract.

Q.7 What about the payment method of the production line?

A.7 For domestic sales (Inside India) we accept NEFT/ RTGS or Cheque as far as cash is concern we can not accept more than 19k at a time due to income tax policy, and for Foreign Sale (Export outside India) We accept T/T (whole payment and divided payments).
Thank you I hope that above answer is useful. For more detail write to us at info@jasenterprise.com